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TheProfile MBA

is the first step in becoming aware of the ability to refine and direct a visual imprint.

The result of this systematized process is your unique style profile, one that identifies your best options to boost personal presence immediately.

You'll learn how to identify…

Your unique characteristics determined by the design principles of style, color and fit.
Your presence by choice and design, rather than following trends or misguided opinions.
Your personal style and use it to strategically advance your professional goals.

Success Stories: Professional Talk

“It's easy to distinguish young professionals who have given thought to the message they intend to convey through their words, style, and dress. When done right, it's very impressive.

At the same time, it's not that simple to present yourself professionally and appropriately. This requires specific attention that surprisingly few people give to it. Learning how to most effectively present yourself is a basic skill that professionals should learn early on and apply throughout their careers.”

Scott Armstrong

“Audrey is a qualified, professional resource providing style development information and guidance for our MBA students.

Audrey’s ability to quickly connect with students, giving each one specific, quality feedback made her a welcome extension to our program.”

– Naomi Sanchez, Ed.D.
Assistant Dean
MBA Career Management
Foster School of Business
University of Washington

“Conveying confidence and presence are so important for our MBA students as they interview for internships and full time positions.

Audrey goes beyond helping them understand the impact of their appearance. She gives our students the skills to create the impression they want, whether they are in a formal or casual environment. I’m continually amazed at the difference she creates for our MBAs in just one or two conversations. Students love working with her. She’s extraordinary.”

Leslie Meagley, MBA
Senior Associate Director
Professional Development, On-Boarding, Coaching
MBA Career Management
Foster School of Business
University of Washington


Meet Audrey

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As seen in Vogue, Audrey Beaulac has thirty years' experience managing the personal presentation of leaders across business, government, and academia through her private consulting practice, Audrey Beaulac Style Inc. She provides the MBA students at the Foster School of Business, University of Washington, style support through office hours.

Get Started:

TheProfile MBA is an online class offered at $95.00 per use.

This online self-directed course provides all MBA students with a foundation to start identifying and developing personal presentations alongside their career aspirations. Build confidence and trust by maximizing the effort of getting dressed.

Upon purchase, the buyer’s login credentials become active for eight weeks. This allows enough time to move thoughtfully through TheProfile MBA.

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