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“A favorite with the high-flying power execs” – Vogue

AudreyBeaulacStyle Inc redefines what it means to look powerful.

The Profile MBA

TheProfile MBA is a private, self-directed online course to assist you in accurately identifying your innate style characteristics. It is the first step in becoming aware of the ability to refine and direct a visual imprint.

The result is your unique style profile, one that identifies your best options to boost personal presence immediately.

Learn how to…

  • Identify your unique characteristics determined by the design principles of style, color and fit.

  • Create your presence by choice and design, rather than following trends or misguided opinions.

  • Manage your personal style so it strategically advances professional goals.

Success Stories:

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“As a healthcare executive, I'm frequently judged by people's first impressions of me. When I reflect confidence, competence, and professionalism through my appearance, I'm sending a powerful message that serves me and my organization well.

Working with Audrey and using The Profile to determine the impression I wanted to create, and then putting together a plan that made it easy each day to make happen, contributed much more to my success than I ever imagined. I was comfortable, self-confident, and I was reinforcing a clear brand that made me more effective in my leadership role.

It's easy to distinguish young professionals who have given thought to the message they intend to convey through their words, style, and dress. When done right, it's very impressive. At the same time, it's not that simple to present yourself professionally and appropriately. This requires specific attention that surprisingly few people give to it. Learning how to most effectively present yourself is a basic skill that professionals should learn early on and apply throughout their careers.”

Scott Armstrong

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“My association with Audrey goes back nearly twenty years. When I engaged her services to create my Profile, I had no idea how profoundly it would impact me. This is so, so much more than simply finding the right things to wear, it's an entire shift in one's mental architecture. I'm extremely glad I did it, and continue to reap the benefits of her counsel.”

– Beth Anderson
CEO, co-founder, Arkitek Scientific
Speaker at TEDxOakland 2017 - The Great Rift: Art versus Science

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“The Profile has transformed how I think about style and empowered me to use it as a tool every day in my professional and personal life. I now dress so that I feel my best and in turn perform at my best. I highly recommend young professionals to go through this transformational process to set yourself up for confidence and success in your career.”

Kia Zivari

Get Started:

TheProfile MBA is an online class offered at $495.00 per use.

TheProfile MBA is the culmination of four decades of consulting with high-level executives on building their personal brand. Executives pay significantly more for this personalized intake session and the comprehensive plan that follows. This online self-directed course provides all MBA students with a foundation to start identifying and developing personal presentations alongside their career aspirations. This program's value exceeds the cost by assisting in building a useful, lifelong tool – a style profile.

Upon purchase, the buyer’s login credentials become active for eight weeks. This allows enough time to move thoughtfully through TheProfile MBA.

(There are no refunds)

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