I have had the pleasure of working with Audrey on many projects. Her knack of styling is amazing, always picking the right clothes / accessories and always making a photo session that much easier…

David HillerPhotographer

Presentation is an essential part of conducting business – whether it’s the way you write, the way you speak, or the way you walk into a room. During her consultations, in short order Audrey identifies key elements of her clients’ personal identity and style, and helps to clarify how this can be expressed easily, comfortably, and with minimal fuss in one’s dress. I found her insights tremendously valuable and her recommendations immediately actionable. I refer to the things she’s taught me frequently, and highly recommend her.

Heather JohnstonFounding Principal, PLACE Architects

For several years, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Audrey Beaulac. Audrey’s passion and expertise shines through with each of her Clients. As a Style Strategist, she transforms each Client by embodying their personal style. Her eye for detail and knowledge as a renowned colorist makes Audrey Beaulac the most sought after Style Strategist!

Maggie NorrisFounder & Owner, Maggie Norris Couture, NYC • Voted one of the most interesting people in NYC

Audrey is a remarkably flexible designer who creates an elegant wardrobe that is consistent with who they are as individuals in each of the worlds they inhabit. She recognizes their strengths and plays them up in the styles she recommends and ultimately clarifies and strengthens each of her client’s image.

Sarah Armstrong, RN, MSN, JDMediator and Healthcare Communication and Accountability Consultant

Spending four hours with Audrey changed my perspective on myself and gave me a new lease on my image and style. She is a valued coach and her in-depth attention to me as a person, and her focus on color and my individual style was just what I needed to propel my career to the next level.

Erika SchmidtPrincipal at Sappington

I just want you to know that you sit on my shoulder always as I continue to evolve my wardrobe and life in this new chapter. The proportions concept you taught me during our consultation has been very useful for me.

Janice M. Bell, RN, PhDAuthor, Speaker, Educator & Researcher of Family-Focused Practice

I feel blocks to my creativity melting away that were once expressed in my self-presentation. Who knew that changing my thinking about how I dress could affect so many other things.

Karen HustTextile Artist