Working with Audrey has been an extraordinary experience. Nirvana from head to toe. What did I learn? That I could have never made it to the level I wished without her.

Judy M. RobinettManaging Director, Venture Capital • Author, Speaker, Consultant

Proportions! Color! Style Personality! Audrey, your service is not only inspiring, it is useful – my favorite combination. It solved some personal mysteries about what I love and why I love it. And it re-aligned me with what feels right and looks best on me and in my life. This was a truly valuable experience.

Danielle LaPorteThe Desire Map

There was more excitement in the clothing. Styles and colors were more current and they were more compatible with my personality. What distinguishes her is she knows how to build a corporate brand around clothing and clothing choices. Audrey introduced me to understated elegance and even showed me how to pack for a two week business trip that demanded a wide range of clothing.

David SyreAttorney, CEO, Trillium Corporation, Bellingham WA • Burning Man attendee

Audrey walked into a room of about 40 high-powered women and immediately stood out! Her ability to convey a powerful, sophisticated, put-together presence is her strongest advertisement for her services. She gave a short presentation and I was shocked that there was so much to know about clothes and fashion. I manage a lot of talented but poorly dressed people, but intend to send every one of them to Audrey henceforth. Worth the investment – times ten!

Wendy KellerSenior Literary Agent, CEO, Keller Media, Inc.

Working with Audrey is nothing less than phenomenal. I continue to be amazed at her indescribable way of ‘knowing’ what really works with her clients. Her eye for personal color is both intuitive and science based. Audrey’s keen fashion-sense combined with solid color choices makes working with her such a natural choice.

UzoInternational Lead Makeup Stylist, World of NARS

There is no better tastemaker and consultant than Audrey Beaulac. She goes beyond trends and fashion so that individual style shines through. She said something years ago that stuck with me: ‘The biggest secret of the A-list people is the strategic use of style to tell the world that they know who they are. They wear the clothes, the clothes don’t wear them.’ Audrey makes you feel comfortable and confident, no matter what their end goal. You will never regret hiring her.

Vanessa McGradyPersonal Finance Columnist at • Award-winning journalist, social media strategist, communication professional

I first met Audrey as I was transitioning into a new career path in Business Development. Within 15 minutes of meeting with her, I knew she was the right person to help me navigate these new waters. Audrey has taught me to understand my personal style. I have no doubt my work with Audrey has helped make new opportunities happen. I sense a new comfort with myself and how I interact with others in my career. She helped me identify my personal truths and made sure my outside appearance complements and enhances them in a truly transformational way. The results? More efficient development of genuine relationships which engender connection and trust with everyone I meet. What professional doesn’t want that?

Melissa UnderhillAerospace Engineering and Business Development

I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with my clothes. When I wear them I feel the way I’ve always wanted to feel, and in a way that expresses my true self.

James CounihanAuthor of Professional SQL Server Reporting Services, .NET Web Application Developer

Audrey’s advice goes way beyond the basics. She looks at the environment you’re in, the message you need to send and then helps you dominate your space with clarity and confidence. Her recommendations are on target and change the way people react to you… I would recommend Audrey to anyone who needs a look ‘a cut above.

Vickie SullivanPresident of Sullivan Speaker Services Inc, Marketing Strategy for Thought Leaders

Throughout the years, I’ve had Audrey help me with special occasions. Last year she helped me find and create a weeks worth of outfits for an annual NAPO conference in less than a day. As president of the association, I needed clothing to represent my brand professionally.
I always enjoy working with Audrey and when she tells you to try something on that you don’t quite agree with – just do it, because she’s always right! I feel great after I’ve spent time with Audrey and have received many compliments on her work.

Laura LeistAuthor, Speaker, CEO Eliminate Chaos, LLC