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We all have an inside voice, a barometer that gives us insight, inspiration and guidance. How we listen to that voice can change our lives. The following are suggestions for Clearing your mind, Creating a visual of who you are and where  you want to go and Cleaning your closet fast and efficiently. Clearing: Clear […]

Diamonds Really Are Your Best Friend.

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Well, they say invest in what you love… There are street level jewelry stores that beckon with all that sparkles, but upstairs is where the real deals are made.  Private jewelry purchases are on the rise over the last decade.  Hidden behind office doors in generic office buildings are daily transactions of the finest stones […]

Make Mine Orange!

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Make Mine Orange! Color is magic.  It’s a visceral relationship twined with our individuality, a marriage that creates a palette as unique as our fingerprints.  Finding your personal colors involves a little more than a packet of swatches.  Those are just the raw material.  It’s taking that information to the next level that creates your […]


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No longer is looking chic in inclement weather a trick commanded by icons and magicians. Thanks to Elizabeth Roberts for bring us outwear that’s urban chic.  It isn’t just about staying dry or the newest technology in textiles, rather the composition of all elements into a unique vision.One of looking well turned out for all […]


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Every professional needs to have a current headshot as an essential part of their business toolbox. There’s a natural inclination to put off originating or updating as the need is only urgent when it presents itself. However as every good scout knows, be prepared. Getting a Great Head Shot: There are three things to remember […]

How to Build Your Perfect Wardrobe

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The key to chic is a well-edited closet. Here are seven simple steps to creating your own wardrobe oasis. 1. Know thyself. That includes clothing personality, body architecture and lifestyle. Defining your essential style enables you to maintain a cohesive image irrespective of seasonal trends. 2. Edit your closet; it’s a toolbox not a junk […]