Fashion Quotes to Style By

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Acquiring good style can take time, and it even requires a healthy amount of self-reflection. Before you learn how, exactly, to dress sharp for professional business meetings (or even just for everyday life), I wanted to share some words of inspiration from the world’s greatest fashion icons. “What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially […]

Let’s Make Outfits

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Rather Than The Traditional Closet Purge, Let’s Make Outfits I don’t like closet purges for two reasons. First, in times of stress, I’m self-possessed to over-clean, later finding I forgot that a seemly insignificant t-shirt linked several outfits. Second, closets are meant to be used. Using my closet and wardrobe in a compressed period gives […]

Suit Up for a New Day

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We are all part of a global business makeover where video conferencing is now a central communication tool. Conveying confident professionalism is the goal and comes with practice. The following are ten ways to enhance professional appearance during video conferencing Get Ready Mentally – doing the work to gain clarity is foundational for pursuing our […]

Personal Style and the Career Search

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This interview was originally featured on the University of Washington’s Foster MBA program website. Why is the topic of personal style so important in the workplace now? The world of workwear is shifting. Where there used to be restrictive standards of dress, we currently have companies going with appearance suggestions.Now more than ever, we want to show […]

In Your DNA Is Coded A Destiny

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There is no one without style. In your DNA is coded a destiny.  The question is, will you actualize it? It’s work to search for an authentic point of view then take the time to clarify, refine and execute it.  It seems easier to take the short route, bypassing the infrastructure that creates ease as […]

What Does 53 Look Like…

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What does 53 look like…? That’s the question I was asked not so long ago.   It started me thinking how we all face a question like this in someway or another as we break new ground in our lives.  Fashion has changed dramatically, retail is another world, and long gone are the days of what […]

Style Heightens Awareness

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Have you ever left the house feeling confident about your look only to find yourself standing in front of the mirror the next day, confused how to recreate that fabulous vibe? Do you ever feel burdened by a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? Élan is not created randomly; it is an acquired […]

Mus Yourself at Betty Lin in San Francisco

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Mus cashmere has arrived at Betty Lin in San Francisco, Great travel pieces as easy to pack as they are to wear. Finish with a fabulous Avant Toi scarf to go from dressed to well dressed.


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Run don’t walk to see this exhibit at the de Young Museum in San Francisco. Talking and singing mannequins, iconic costumes of Madonna, even a runway show highlight the prolific brilliance of his work.


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We all have an inside voice, a barometer that gives us insight, inspiration and guidance. How we listen to that voice can change our lives. The following are suggestions for Clearing your mind, Creating a visual of who you are and where  you want to go and Cleaning your closet fast and efficiently. Clearing: Clear […]