MBA – Interview Prep

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  Business attire confounds even the smartest people. With the availability of books, blogs and a running feed of professional apparel standards; you wouldn’t think that getting dressed would be as big of an issue as it is. Interview dressing is a blend of knowing yourself and your understanding of the culture you’re about to […]

10 Steps to Developing Your Style Signature

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  When style communicates the principles of our personality, in any setting, our business acumen increases. It’s bound to. Anytime our bodies radiate confidence, we generate more charisma. Charisma is very attractive.   Communicate who you are in all you do. Consistency is power. When the various pieces of your life reflect your essence, your […]

The Six Questions

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  How can I create a Style Signature that lasts over time but doesn’t lose the quality of staying current? I don’t want to look like I’m a “ mature woman” but I don’t want to look like I’m desperately clinging to a past decade – what do I wear? How do I tell people […]

Year of the Snake

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YEAR Of The SNAKE Sseeeemss This Snake Year Is The Yin To Last Year’s Dragon Yang. As The Snake Undulates Along, It Goes In One Direction, Then, Very Unexpectedly, Completely Another. There Will Be Times When The Way Ahead Isn’t Clear And Choices Not Easily Make. However, The Snake Is Wise And Patient, It’s Best […]

How To Pack For A Short Trip

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“The essence of a sound style is that it cannot be reduced to rules – that it is a living and breathing thing with something of the devilish in it – that it fits its proprietor tightly yet ever so loosely, as a skin fits you. It is, in fact, quite as seriously an integral […]

In Your DNA Is Coded A Destiny

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There is no one without style. In your DNA is coded a destiny.  The question is, will you actualize it? It’s work to search for an authentic point of view then take the time to clarify, refine and execute it.  It seems easier to take the short route, bypassing the infrastructure that creates ease as […]

What Does 53 Look Like…

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What does 53 look like…? That’s the question I was asked not so long ago.   It started me thinking how we all face a question like this in someway or another as we break new ground in our lives.  Fashion has changed dramatically, retail is another world, and long gone are the days of what […]

Style Heightens Awareness

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Have you ever left the house feeling confident about your look only to find yourself standing in front of the mirror the next day, confused how to recreate that fabulous vibe? Do you ever feel burdened by a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? Élan is not created randomly; it is an acquired […]

Mus Yourself at Betty Lin in San Francisco

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Mus cashmere has arrived at Betty Lin in San Francisco, Great travel pieces as easy to pack as they are to wear. Finish with a fabulous Avant Toi scarf to go from dressed to well dressed.


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Run don’t walk to see this exhibit at the de Young Museum in San Francisco. Talking and singing mannequins, iconic costumes of Madonna, even a runway show highlight the prolific brilliance of his work.