In Your DNA Is Coded A Destiny

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There is no one without style. In your DNA is coded a destiny.  The question is, will you actualize it?

It’s work to search for an authentic point of view then take the time to clarify, refine and execute it.  It seems easier to take the short route, bypassing the infrastructure that creates ease as a result of self discovery.  Even a flawed idea of one’s own is better than a facile adaptation –especially of unremarkable work.  Style is something peculiar to one person; it expresses one personality and one only; it’s shared as an outward expression of our inward truths.  What are the colors, silhouettes, details that embrace you? It doesn’t matter why you like them what matters is, you do. We can use the way we look to move us forward by forming a consciousness around what props we select to support our journey. Notice the distinctions and characteristics that repeat around you, these are your lighting rods.  Play to your strengths, it’s about establishing a look that’s all yours and sticking to it.

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