How to Shop Like a Pro: Build a Wardrobe You Love

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Ask yourself these three questions before you purchase to build a wardrobe you love:

1. What’s The Look?
Does what you’re about to buy work with several other pieces in your wardrobe making it a Basic? Is it outfit specific, only goes with that suiting, these pants or a specific top, making it a Bridge piece? How do you finish The Look?

2. Do I Feel Confident In This Color? 

Take a minute and feel if the color has a positive effect on you. Are you attracted to it? Do you like the way it makes your skin, hair, and eyes look?

3. Does It Feel Like A Well-Made Garment? 

In today’s market, a label doesn’t assure quality production. As consumers, it’s our responsibility to make sure we get the value out of the price point. Does it feel good? Am I comfortable? Do I love it? Quality has a distinctive look and feel, but not a set price point. It lies in the ability to recognize it.

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