An Interview with Kathy Caprino, Finding Brave podcast

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Audrey recently joined Kathy Caprino on the Finding Brave podcast to discuss how to design your Style Signature. Watch the interview below. Highlights from the interview: Why it’s so hard for many of us to figure out our own style [3:10] What our work attire could be telling us [7:20] What is a “style signature” […]

How to Shop Like a Pro: Build a Wardrobe You Love

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Ask yourself these three questions before you purchase to build a wardrobe you love: 1. What’s The Look? Does what you’re about to buy work with several other pieces in your wardrobe making it a Basic? Is it outfit specific, only goes with that suiting, these pants or a specific top, making it a Bridge […]

How to Shop Like a Pro: Everyone Loves a Deal

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‘Tis the season for bargains! It’s the time of year to purchase low-use but high-impact items at great prices. Some categories to consider filling: • Suiting: You’ll find low prices on suiting or tailored separates. Look for an all season fabric, like worsted wool in an unusual, attractive color. It’s hard to remember someone if […]

How to Shop Like a Pro: Confidence, Please

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It’s morning, it’s you, your closet and it’s time to get dressed. You hate this part of your day. Your eyes sweep across all of it, from stuffed, to well organized or the bare minimum, not an outfit insight, even after all that earnest effort. Good enough is the norm, and that’s exactly how it […]

How To Shop Like A Pro: Closets are a Tool Box, Not a Junk Drawer

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Isn’t that the absolutely to-die-for shirt you needed, under that pile of clothes over there on that chair? Or better yet, in a floor-drobe pile? In fact aren’t all of these the ones you had to have? I don’t care what you do, but what you do is providing the funds for that pile of […]

MBA Resources

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RESOURCES Good Prices and Size Ranges, most have both women and men’s: Ann Taylor Banana Republic H&M JCrew Macy’s Mango Target TIBI The Loft Uniqlo Neiman Marcus Last Call For Men –Good Suiting Prices, shirts and business jeans Nordstrom Rack, Downtown 5th and Pine Good Shoes, men and women TheRealReal Online Consignment   […]

MBA – Interview Prep

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  Business attire confounds even the smartest people. With the availability of books, blogs and a running feed of professional apparel standards; you wouldn’t think that getting dressed would be as big of an issue as it is. Interview dressing is a blend of knowing yourself and your understanding of the culture you’re about to […]

10 Steps to Developing Your Style Signature

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  When style communicates the principles of our personality, in any setting, our business acumen increases. It’s bound to. Anytime our bodies radiate confidence, we generate more charisma. Charisma is very attractive.   Communicate who you are in all you do. Consistency is power. When the various pieces of your life reflect your essence, your […]

The Six Questions

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  How can I create a Style Signature that lasts over time but doesn’t lose the quality of staying current? I don’t want to look like I’m a “ mature woman” but I don’t want to look like I’m desperately clinging to a past decade – what do I wear? How do I tell people […]

Year of the Snake

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YEAR Of The SNAKE Sseeeemss This Snake Year Is The Yin To Last Year’s Dragon Yang. As The Snake Undulates Along, It Goes In One Direction, Then, Very Unexpectedly, Completely Another. There Will Be Times When The Way Ahead Isn’t Clear And Choices Not Easily Make. However, The Snake Is Wise And Patient, It’s Best […]