How to Shop Like a Pro: Confidence, Please

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It’s morning, it’s you, your closet and it’s time to get dressed. You hate this part of your day. Your eyes sweep across all of it, from stuffed, to well organized or the bare minimum, not an outfit insight, even after all that earnest effort. Good enough is the norm, and that’s exactly how it feels.
If that’s how you find yourself this, or any other morning, do the following for a quick morning reset.
Check in with yourself. What’s your posture like, are you upright, breathing comfortably. What’s your facial expression? What thoughts are running through your mind, how many of them feel good?

Who’s Running This Show?
1. Do this three times, take a deep breath through your nose then slightly elevate your chin and allow the breath to exit your body. Then gently shake out your limbs.
2. Stand up straight, from your abdomen instead of your chest, smile until your eyes smile too. Think of someone you think is terrific (real or not) who just told you wonderful news.
3. Now look at your clothing choices, what do you love in there? Pick out your favorite ones, put an outfit together and get going.
There You Are 😊

So, now that you’re not thinking as much about what you’re wearing, because you like what you’re wearing, you’re likely not pulling at your clothes, fidgeting, not brushing off compliments, not sighing when someone pulled together comes by, you’re likely more available to interact, focus and attend to your day.

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