What Does 53 Look Like…

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What does 53 look like…?

That’s the question I was asked not so long ago.   It started me thinking how we all face a question like this in someway or another as we break new ground in our lives.  Fashion has changed dramatically, retail is another world, and long gone are the days of what our parents wore at “this” age.  However, personal style remains unflinchingly stable in its evolutionary path if you know and recognize the personal truths that frame it.

Putting together a wardrobe that fits your life is more important than finding the one or two outfits that propel you out of complacency or apathy.  A whole wardrobe that feels wonderfully you and supports your life is an ongoing adventure.  Put yourself in the director’s chair of your own style and makes the most of it.  To be truly stylish we need to know our assets and use them with confidence.   It goes to the true essence of individual style: to be recognized not only in the eyes of others for who we are, but in our own eyes as well.

“Do you love it or is it just a good idea?”

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